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Volume studies through visualization

Human perception of the quantity and quality of information given through digitization and CG design of any given building can affect decision making and faith of the project in the very first stages.

In recent days, architect and architecture companies have to be keeping pace with the fast growing industry in the field of visualization in order to be competitive and representative with a well put and visually justified scenes of their designs. The process begins in the early stages of the design, when conceptualization is not just initial idea put on paper, but rather visual manipulation of the idea. In order to sell or better describe something that each and every person can perceive , has become necessity to develop eye-catching photos that speak of not only the design but the whole meaning of its creative approach.

The importance of reasonable illusion that makes our mind to wonder and be driven in a state of dreaming and feeling of belonging in a specific space, is enormous. Our mind works with visually perceptive interconnection and its important to get its dose of familiarity to justify the ideas behind each design.

Question to ask our selves:

Do we sometimes try to look into the design in the very start through eyes used to render visualization?

Can we dive into the depth of creative dreaming through visual composure?

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